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MPG is Millet Greener plate,which is compounded of millet & wood fiber,resin,and some of polymer materialsthe physical characteristics is very exceptionalit is waterproof , anti-mite, anti-corrosion,thermal insulation,long life and so on.Beause of the steady performanceit can be used in various of harsh places but won't be mildewed,cracking and brittle.The sizes and colors can be customized,as it is made up by extrusion process.Both millet & wood fiber and resin is recycable,so it is real green plate.

● Outlet Diameter :
● Applicable Area :
● Infrared Heat Lamps :
● Light :
● Power Setting :
● Air Flow :
● Qty in 20'/40' :
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Product selling point 1
Transparent polymer layer,UV treatment surface; Scratch-resistant,Wear-resistant, Stain-resistant, UV-resistant, etc.;
Product selling point 2
Imported assembly line,Real texture,Clearly;
Product selling point 3
No deformation,Antiseptic; Make the overall effect more coordinated;
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